Adult Membership

Cadet Sponsor Membership

Cadet Sponsor Membership provides parents a great opportunity to help out their local cadet program.

Cadet Sponsor Members chaperone and drive during Cadet activities and help organize unit social functions. They don't wear Air Force-style uniforms, advance through the CAP grade structure, hold unit duty positions, or participate in operational or flight functions. You must be a parent, guardian, or grandparent of a Cadet in order to be a cadet sponsor member.

Senior Membership

Senior Members enroll in a professional development program, wear full Air Force-style uniforms (optional, but encouraged during Squadron meetings), progress in the CAP grade structure, can hold duty positions at any level, and can participate in operational and flight functions.

Patron Membership

Patron Members lend financial support to the organization through their membership dues, and attend social functions and other ceremonies.

Share Your Experience

In addition to volunteers to support Cadet Programs, there are several particular skill-sets that we're always on the lookout for:

  • Pilots
  • Engineers and Aerospace Professionals
  • Chaplains
  • Radio Operators
  • Educators
  • Flight Instructors and Ground School Instructors
  • Technology Professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Emergency Workers
  • Veterans
  • Law Enforcement & Emergency Workers

Membership Board

All prospective members must be evaluated by the Squadron's membership board. If you're interested in joining, we'll arrange a meeting with the board.

The board will be looking for a prospective member to have skills, interests, experience, and personality that will contribute to the unit. After your meeting, the board will make a recommendation to the Squadron Commander, and the Squadron Commander will decide whether to accept a prospective member's application.

Adult Application and Fees

  • Valid ID (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Driver's License/State ID, US Passport, Permanent Resident Card, or approved I-9 document)
  • Completed CAP Form 12
  • FBI Fingerprint Form FD 258 (obtain from Squadron admin)
  • Current dues and payment instructions are available on the National CAP Website
    • For Senior Members, look for "Washington" in the table
    • For Cadet Sponsor members, look at the very bottom of the page
    • For Patron Members, use the "Aerospace Education" rate at the very bottom of the page

What Happens Next

Once your membership package has been sent to National Headquarters, it will take 2-3 weeks to process. This is because all adult applicants undergo FBI background screening.

Once your membership processes, you'll receive a welcome email from the Squadron and we'll get you started!

In the mean-time, you can start reviewing the CAP Level I materials to get a head-start on your required initial training.

Once your Level I training is complete, you'll be entitled to wear the CAP uniform, advance in the professional development program, and participate in CAP activities.